December 15, 2015

“FOMC Rate Decision” educational webinar

Dear Trader,

At last, it is here. The day that much of the economic world has been waiting for, in which the Federal Reserve is expected to, finally, raise the rates. The expectation is for a 25 basis point hike, but what isn’t known is what will happen thereafter. FXCM invites you to attend a special “FOMC Rate Decision” webinar to help you navigate through the chaos that follows.

Join James Stanley, an Active Trader and Trading Instructor at DailyFX, on Wednesday, December 16 at 1:45 pm EST.  In this free webinar, he will cover:

  • Real-time analysis around the most pivotal Fed meeting in years. The December FOMC meeting is expected to bring on heavy volatility, as the Federal Reserve looks at their first rate hike in over nine years.
  • Incorporating price action in real-time in order to integrate technical analysis during this market-moving fundamental event. Whether you’re a technical trader or a fundamental trader, both schools of analysis can offer value to an analytical approach.
  • Sound Risk Management principals to help you decide whether to pull the trigger based on your trading plan and approach. If you don’t have a plan, that’s ok. DailyFX is happy to provide a framework with which you can build that plan.  This research is built on the DailyFX Traits of Successful Traders research series, based on a quantitative study of real trades placed by actual traders.  If you’d like to read the research, it’s available here, and James will cover this in real-time during this webinar as Ms. Yellen and the Federal Reserve provides the last major market-moving event of the year.

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