Fractional numbers for the cryptocurrency contracts in the strategy.

Dec 10, 2018

After numerous requests, we have provided the possibility of adding a fractional number for the cryptocurrency contracts in the strategy.

fractional-numbersThe complete list of cryptocurrencies with this is presented below along with the minimum contract size for each currency.


BCHSV 0.001

BCH 0.0001

BNB 0.01

BSV 0.001

BTC 0.000001

BTG 0.001

DASH 0.001

EOS 0.01

ETC 0.001

ETH 0.0001

GNO 0.001

LTC 0.01

MLN 0.1

NEO 0.01

QTUM 0.01

REP 0.001

REP 0.1

XBT 0.0001

XMR 0.0001

XRP 0.1

XTZ 0.001

ZEC 0.0001


Minimum contract size for all other coins and symbols that are not related to cryptocurrencies still equals 1. The list is formed based on the data from popular crypto exchanges and can be updated/changed according to your requests.

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