February 26, 2020
Go Live With TradingView Streams!

Today, we’re excited to share our new product with you, Streams

The team here has been working hard to bring this product to market, and give the financial community an even more real-time way to communicate with each other beyond publishing ideas, recording sessions, and sharing charts. 

You can now Stream your market analysis, ideas, and charts, in real-time.

This is no small technological feat. And live streaming is a compelling breakthrough for both the technology world as well as traders and investors. We hope you’ll enjoy it. 

The first step to getting started on Streams is to visit the new Streams homepage. This is where the journey begins and it’s where you can find all public live streams, recent streams, scheduled streams, and also where you can create your own. You can make your stream public and open to the world, or private and shared only between you and your own private audience.

Streams can be created directly from your browser, or you can use an existing broadcast software (i.e. OBS or similar). When your stream is live, you can see the number of live stream viewers and those who have tuned in previously. Viewers can comment, ask questions, leave great emojis, and just hang out with you live. 

Here are some recent Streams you can watch right now to see how the product works.

Let us know what you think! If you need additional support, please visit the Streams help section.

Team TradingView

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