July 30, 2014

Intraday and real-time US futures are finally here!

TradingView now has the option to add intraday real-time futures data to your account! You can now add the following exchanges:

  • CME Real-time Quotes ($90 / mo)

  • CME E-mini Equity Real-time Quotes ($45 / mo)

  • CBOT Real-time Quotes ($90 / mo)

  • CBOT E-mini Real-time Quotes ($25 / mo)

  • NYMEX Real-time Quotes ($90 / mo)

  • NYMEX E-mini Real-time Quotes ($35 / mo)

  • COMEX Real-time Quotes ($90 / mo)

  • COMEX E-mini Real-time Quotes ($25 / mo)

Each one can be purchased separately, with the E-mini packages obviously being less expensive. Remember, you have to have one of the PRO subscriptions to add any real-time exchanges.


NOTE: CME Group charges TradingView hefty exchange fees to show their data – we are only charging a few extra $ per exchange to cover our costs. One of the possible reasons is that TradingView doesn’t yet support broker accounts that qualify for a fee waiver – thus making the fees equivalent to display terminals. We are always researching ways to get better prices for our users.

More information is available here: