April 19, 2019
Introducing Trailing Stops — There Is No More Need to Limit Your Profits When Trading With OANDA & TradingView

Happy days for those of you who place orders on TradingView – you can now set trailing stops when trading with OANDA. Please note that this requires a V20 account (same as on OANDA).

Open the order panel and click on the Stop Loss bracket order to select Trailing Stop in the dropdown menu.

You can set the value in pips, dollar terms, as a percentage and even an exact price.

A Trailing Stop bracket order is edited the same way as any other order – by dragging it on the chart or through an order panel. You can also change your bracket order type from Stop Loss to Trailing Stop and vice versa when there is an open position/order.

You can learn about Trailing Stops and how to use them here.

Your feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for choosing TradingView!

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