November 22, 2021

Lightweight Charts (V3.7) Is Now Faster Than Ever!

About two years ago we released a new open-source charting library. It’s the smallest financial charting package (43kb) ever. We called it Lightweight Charts specifically because there is no drag on web performance: so it’s really “light” for browsers and mobile web experiences. We also launched native wrappers for iOS and Android to improve the overall use case across native applications.

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Today we’re delighted to release version 3.7 of Lightweight, and we wanted to spend a little time detailing new features with you. So here’s a brief overview of all the work we have done so far. 

Core Upgrades to Library

Improved performance of setting/updating series data

Lightweight version 3.7.0 is faster than v3.6 by 25%. The overall improvement in comparison to v3.0 is 60%.

We’ve also improved an updated series when it has lots of markers. In practice, this means that the chart remains responsive while recalculating thousands of markers in our tests.

New baseline series type

Now you can fill the area from the maximum to the minimum value, same as we provide for our users. This feature became available with the contribution of Thanh Le

Added methods to get time axis size and subscribe on size change

Previously, it wasn’t possible to accurately position custom controls over the chart because there wasn’t a proper API to get the size of the timeline axis and subscribe to change it. 

Now you can, as we’ve added additional methods to timeline API, including: width, height, and subscribeSizeChange.

Add JSDoc comments for existing API docs

We try to provide extensive documentation for each product to make integrating the library even easier and faster.

Core fixes to the Library

Increased min price tick mark step up to 1e-14 

With this improvement, values on the price axis won’t disappear in case of small min movement value (less than 0.000000001). 

Do not paint time axis if it not visible

Previously, the library could do unnecessary work to resize and paint the time axis widget when it was invisible. It wasn’t optimal, so we changed that. If you hide the time axis, it will not resize/draw internally so your charts will work a bit faster.

As always, we thank you for your support and help in making TradingView the best product on the financial web. And a big shout out to our hero contributor Thanh Le

You can always send us your feedback via GitHub or reach out to us directly via this contact email.

We look forward to hearing from you! And as always, happy trading!

Team TradingView

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