June 14, 2016

Looking for Regional Managers – come work with us!

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We’ve built two local subcommunities so far, so that traders from different countries can enjoy a localized experience – local stocks, news and communication in their native language. The main global community in English is, of course, still available to all at www.tradingview.com.

Japanese – https://jp.tradingview.com

Russian – https://ru.tradingview.com

Now we are looking to build one for each following regions: UK, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, India, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and others.

We are looking for a full-time Regional Manager in each of the regions above. If you think you’ve got what it takes, let us know!

What to do

Help the local community make the most of TradingView

Get interesting authors to join

Get our widgets installed on popular media and financial resources

Develop content and discussions

You need to

Have extensive trading experience (CMT, CFA a plus)

Live in the region

Be a native speaker of the local language

Have great communication skills

Experience in marketing and management a plus.
If you are a good fit, send us your resume to founders@tradingview.com, we’ll be happy to chat!