October 15, 2014

Major Chat Restyling and Improvements!

After extensive research, surveying and studying how to make the chat more intuitive (and more like most other messengers), we made a bunch of improvements that you’ll love!

  • Moved Chat window to the top, and List of Chats to the bottom, so it’s easier for your eyes to jump to it

  • Changed direction of chat messages (new messages on the bottom now), just like in Skype.

  • Chat text entry is now below the chat

  • New button expands the chat to the entire panel for a superior viewing experience


  • Shifted all chat properties into a single settings button to make it much easier


  • Consecutive messages from one user are combined in one message block, a “conversation”, which significantly reduces visual noise.

  • New option “Show Only Favorite Rooms” only rooms that you favorited with a star, for a personal user experience.


If you have ANY concrete suggestions or feedback on the new features, please post them on GetSatisfaction. Make sure to include a detailed description and screenshots to explain your thoughts.

Easily change/update payment method

Now you can quickly and easily update your credit card information right from Profile Settings, or change to/from paying with PayPal. After updating, the new method will be used for all active subscriptions.