December 30, 2013

Moderators – who they are and what they do.

We are proud to point out that our community has really grown and has become more professional over the past year. The amount of ideas and conversations is constantly growing, and so does the need for moderators. Our primary objective is that high quality content remains visible, while filtering out the not so good things.

Moderators are regular members of our community who earned trust from other TradingView members. They showed a desire to help maintain high quality of published ideas and help build a respectful and helpful community.

  • Moderators make the decision which ideas become Suggested (read more about suggested ideas)
  • Hide unhelpful ideas
  • Delete inappropriate comments
  • Moderate chat (delete inappropriate messages, send warning messages and ban users in the chat)

TradingView community is well-known for highly intelligent ideas and mutual respect, so moderators don’t usually delete content – they sort it so that it’s easy to find and analyze. However, if there are inappropriate comments, chat message or unhelpful ideas, they will be swift to clear that out.

Moderator activity is not compulsory, you can do it while you are doing other things on TradingView. Each moderator gets a PRO RT subscription for free.