May 18, 2022

Moneyсontrol on TradingView India

Today we have installed Moneyсontrol on TradingView India in the Breaking News section:

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Moneyсontrol will now inform our Indian users on NIFTY, Indian stocks and will share the opinion of Indian economy experts. The Indian audience is quite prominent on TradingView, surpassing any state of the European Union when it comes to our monthly traffic.

In the past, Moneyсontrol has installed technical analysis charts by TradingView as part of its day-to-day materials. As India’s leading markets, business and news platform, it offers investors the latest business news and market updates along with articles, independent analysis of investment options and financial planning.

The content provided by Moneycontrol is a welcome addition to TradingView India, a regional version of TradingView which previously didn’t have any news outlets with this level of thorough understanding of India’s economic background and its intricate aspects. Moneycontrol has been India’s leading finance and business media platform for over 20 years.

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