April 27, 2022

Multi-monitor support now free on desktop app

We’re very happy to announce that with the recent update of TradingView Desktop, all users of our free plan will now have multi-monitor support. The update removes the limit on open windows, so now you guys can open as many charts in separate windows as you like. Go nuts.

With multiple windows, you can take full advantage of recently released features such as Tab Linking and Crosshair Sync — even smarter if you’re rocking a few monitors on your desk.

Just make sure you already have the latest version — 1.0.6 — and open a new window with the well-known shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+N or just detach a tab.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about this update and the app itself — Twitter or our subreddit are the best places for feedback.

TradingView Team

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