June 9, 2017
The new Charting Library and Trading Terminal are here! Stable versions 1.10 are released for both

There’s a ton of new goodies to get excited about. The terminal got an upgrade with Japanese chart types and the ability to use your own news source, and both platforms got improvements and bug fixes.

Upgrades – Trading Terminal Exclusive

  • Japanese chart types added – Kagi, Renko, Point and Figure, Line Break. These are popular price-based chart types that let users find important trends and levels without relying on time.
  • We’ve added the possibility to use your own source of news (Github issue #1629). You can now add any type of news that your users will find most useful.

Upgrades – Charting Library & Trading Terminal

  • Added the ability to turn off chart zooming and scrolling  (Github issue #1685). This is for those times when you need to provide a static chart.
  • Added the ability to hide the drawing tools panel (Github issue #1220).
  • Added the ability to turn off chart navigation gestures  (Github issue #874).

Bug Fixes – Charting Library & Trading Terminal

  • nextTime method couldn’t initiate the getBars call  (Github issue #1717).
  • NaN values in the position editing dialog (Github issue #1710).
  • Improper functionality of fullscreen mode in Internet Explorer (Github issue #1650).
  • Indicator transparency values were applied to the indicator labels as well (Github issue #1613).
  • A hyphen was shown in the Symbol Search dialog when the exchange wasn’t specified (Github issue #1611).
  • Incorrect zooming on mobile devices (Github issue #1608).

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