October 7, 2016
New Charting Library (version 1.7) and Trading Terminal (v. 1.8) are released!

The new major upgrades are here!

We heavily optimized, added new indicators, expanded the API for creating drawing tools, made main dialog windows responsive, refreshed trading windows and added more to the Account Manager panel.

What’s new in the Charting Library 1.7?

  1. Added more popular indicators (GitHub issues #869, #1305)

    • Average Directional Index
    • Chop Zone
    • Detrended Price Oscillator
    • Fisher Transform
    • Historical Volatility
    • McGinley Dynamic
    • Price Volume Trend
    • Rate Of Change
    • Ultimate Oscillator
    • Smoothed Moving Average
    • Vortex Indicator
  1. Reduced library size by 200 KB for a minimized file (almost 10% from totalsize) – (GitHub issue #1194)
    Pages with the library load even faster now!
  1. Added ability to change how date is displayed (GitHub issue #156)
    You can set the date to various formats.
  1. Added customization to navigation buttons (GitHub issue #1196)
    Now you can hide the navigation buttons if they obscure your view, or have them appear when the mouse cursor is floated over them.

Other changes

  • You can add now icons through the createMultipointShape method (GitHub issue #1079)
  • New method for receiving main status for chart options (GitHub issue #1281)  
  • New events for tracking indicators, drawing tools and chart type changes (GitHub issue #1263)  
  • You can now set the visible timeline on the chart (GitHub issue #1229)
  • Get a list of drawing tools created through the API (GitHub issue #1215)
  • Added a method for getting the chart interval visible on the price scale (GitHub issue #1206)
  • New event for tracking changes on a specific chart instrument (GitHub issue #1203)
  • New API methods for performing: (GitHub issue #1200):
    • Requesting saved charts
    • Saving chart to server
    • Deleting chart from server
    • Receiving selected instrument
    • Choosing selected instrument
    • Getting a list of intervals
  • Ability to draw circles with the Ellipse tool (GitHub issue #1197)
  • Drawing in the future with API methods (GitHub issue #1188)
  • Checking symbol_info parameters (GitHub issue #1148)
  • Ability to set how buttons look in the legend (GitHub issue #970)


  • API saving/loading charts required text/html answer formats (Github issue #1361)
  • Incorrect calculation of Heiken-Ashi charts (Github issue #1341)
  • Objects created on one resolution were not displayed on others (Github issue #1336)
  • Translation problems (Github issue #1256, #1247)
  • Method for calculating history depth couldn’t be called in the data feed context (Github issue #1080)
  • Historical bar would not display on a minute timeframe (Github issue #1244)
  • Issues with trend lines on weekly charts (Github issue #1235)
  • Issues with setting default displayable interval for certain timeframes (Github issue #673)
  • No short version of OHLC on chart legend (Github issue #1225)
  • Double call for symbol resolution (Github issue #1221)
  • Issue with reassigning parameters with different types but the same name (Github issue #1202)
  • Issue with caching tv-chart.html (Github issue #1377)
  • Issue with disconnecting context menu in the Tree Object dialog window (Github issue #1182)
  • Navigation buttons were missing on mobile devices (Github issue #875)


What’s new in the Trading Terminal 1.8 version?

  1. Added Depth of Market widget (DOM)
    Widget lets you track price movements, quickly place and cancel orders, edit them, close or reverse your positions. All this while seeing the depth of market with buy and sell levels. Most trading operations can now be done with a couple of clicks!
  2. New Trade window design
    We made the trade window responsive, added the ability to place order based on pips and now you can an auto calculation of your risks.
  3. New Account panel for working with your account
    Added filters for orders and also flexible customization options for the entire panel. You can now configure it so that you have only what you need at your fingertips. Columns, buttons, tabs and tables can now be edited.
  1. Main windows (Object Tree, Chart Load, Chart Save, Indicators, Add/Compare Symbol) are now responsive
    This will help you work comfortably from any device, including mobile.


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