April 16, 2014

New drawing mode for mobile & new data widget!

1. New drawing mode for Ipads and mobile devices!

We optimized the ability to draw on charts for all smaller screens. Now you can mark up charts on the go and share with your friends on Twitter, сheck it out!

Also, check the “Lock All Drawing Tools” button on the left Drawings panel.


If it’s checked, you won’t accidentally move anything while scrolling around.


2. New FREE Symbol Overview Widget

Brand-new (and really cool) widget that displays a clean area chart with key stats about a stock or any other symbol. It’s our third free widget – check it out! You can also remove the key stats and just leave the chart. Perfect for news sites, fin blogs or portals that like to keep things clean.

Widgets are now easier to configure to your liking – we added visual configuration options, just point & click.