June 14, 2016
New feature – apply an indicator to another indicator

This is a rather rare feature, which mainly appears in desktop applications. Now it’s available on TradingView!

You can apply an indicator (such as a Moving Average) not only to price data, but to another indicator as well. This opens a world of potential for new technical analysis, and finding new opportunities to trade.

There are three ways to do it:

1. Press the “Plus” icon next to the indicator’s name and select a new one from the list.

2. Right-click on an indicator –> Apply Indicator on…

3. Add a new indicator from the list, go to Format, open the Source list: and finally select the source of the other indicator.

This functionality also works on user-generated Pine scripts, but you need to add input(type=source). After the indicator is added to the chart, you’ll see the ability to add another indicator in the Source list.

Not all indicators can be calculated based on another indicator due to various technical nuances. So, only ones that work are shown in the indicator list.

This feature is available to all users, and Pro, Pro+ and Premium plan holders benefit from an unlimited amount.

Hope you enjoy the continuous innovation, thanks for being a part of TradingView!

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