May 14, 2014

New features & indicators!

Objects Tree added  – super easy object management

Now handling and reordering objects on the charts is a breeze! Simple drag an object (i.e. drawing or text) into the object tree and change its z-order. You can also delete, hide or show object properties right from the Tree.


Change the z-order right from the object’s context menu.



Also added Manage Drawings (in addition to Object Tree), where you can see all drawings on all currently inactive symbols on the chart. Drawings can be sorted by symbol and by name. Never lose track of your drawings again!



New indicator package in the TradingView AppStore – MicroTrends.

It includes the following indicators:

  • Auto Fibonacci

  • Auto Fibonacci Current Session

  • Auto Fibonacci Grid

  • Auto Fibonacci HTF

  • Auto Fibonacci Prior HTF

  • Current OHL

  • Daily Pivots

  • Horizontal Levels SR

  • Horizontal Levels SR HTF

  • Open Range Levels Signals

  • Projected High Low

  • Range Grid


More information about the indicators can be found on the on the developer’s website – Make sure you check it out!


Improved Ideas searching

New “Most” filter lets you see how many events happened today/per week/per month.


Improved notifications

Easy access to notification settings from the right panel. “Additional Notifications Settings…” opens the needed tab in your profile.

New Bitcoin exchanges & symbols

Huobi and Kraken exchanges were added, and that means even more cryptocurrencies!

Improved usability

Added confirmation dialogs when deleting Watchlists, Study Templates, Drawing Templates and Color themes.