June 11, 2014

New features!

Upgrade your subscription plan!

We introduced a new Premium subscription plan! It contains all features of PRO & PRO Plus subscriptions, as well as Phone support and Priority email support. Join the TradingView community on your terms!

Comprehensive Pine tutorial

We added a detailed pine language tutorial. Writing scripts has never been easier! To access the tutorial, click the Help button in the Script Editor from the chart



New types of lines

Now you can choose between simple lines, lines with markers or step lines. More features to create your charts!




New logic of adding objects to the chart

The new default logic is that every new object you add is below everything else on the chart. This way the price series is always on top. However, you can easily change this if you like through:

  • in the Objects Tree dialog

    • by dragging objects around

    • using arrow keys to move

  • using context menu to change

  • toolbar buttons to reorder





When you change the sequence of objects, the display changes accordingly: