New Features on TradingView!

Mar 17, 2014

1. New Load Chart dialog replaces unhandy drop-down list. Now you have access to the search by chart name and by symbol, sorting and other features for easy management of saved charts.



2. Multi-chart improvements. Pro users now have access to two new layouts for 6 and 8 charts, cursor syncing based on the time of the bar as well as fast and convenient maximize option for any chart using a button in the bottom right corner.


3. New symbols connected: BTCUSD, LTCUSD and LTCBTC from Bitfinex.

4. New check box that allows switching between TTM and quarterly data has been added to Fundamentals indicators.


5. Video/audio calls – new free feature in private chats available for Firefox and Chrome users. Now you can communicate not only by typing, but also see and hear your trading friends and partners. You can choose to answer with video or audio only.


6. Elliott drawing tools have been reconsidered. Waves are numbered using the second point and not the first one as it was before.

7. Notification logic has been reconsidered. Your activity stream now is always at hand. You don’t need to leave the chart, just switch to the notification tab on the right side panel. Also, flexible notification configuration has been added to the widget heading. Advanced settings can be found on the Notifications tab in in your profile.


8. Data Window – new handy widget on the right side panel in chart mode. Shows info on all studies and symbols on your chart in the form of a table following your cursor movement. Also, we added a possibility to visibly highlight selected study. It can be selected by clicking on the chart or in Data Window. More than that, new widget allows you to make indicators invisible and show object properties by double-clicking on it.


9. Hide All Drawings – new button on the left panel that allows hiding all drawings. It does not change their visibility settings. All drawings are brought back to the chart when a new object is created.

10. Lock All Drawings Tools – locks all drawings on their current location which allows to scroll the chart not being afraid of accidentally moving an object.


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