June 2, 2015

New Notification Type and Elliott Waves improvements

New Notification Type – “Someone sent you a private message”

You’ve got mail! If someone PMs you while you were offline you’ll get an email notification. To enable, fill in your email address in your profile and check the Someone sent you a private message box in Notification Settings.

New Elliott Waves

New and improved Elliott Waves are here! This is a classic Technical Analysis method that is considered one of the most important tools by many in the TA space. Here’s a brief on Elliott Wave Theory.

Wave types:

  • Elliott Impulse Wave

  • Elliott Triangle Wave

  • Elliott Triple Combo Wave

  • Elliott Correction Wave

  • Elliott Double Combo Wave

Each Wave has 15 degrees:

  • Super Millennium

  • Millennium

  • Submillennium

  • Grand Supercycle

  • Supercycle

  • Cycle

  • Primary

  • Intermediate

  • Minor

  • Minute

  • Minuette

  • Subminuette

  • Micro

  • Submicro

  • Miniscule

Line thickness setting is now easily accessible from the floating drawing toolbar.

For your convenience the zero wave is displayed only when you select/configure drawings.