November 12, 2019

Manage Your Charts with the Updated Object Tree

Today, we’re releasing an updated Object Tree that will make it easier to organize and build charts on TradingView. The Object Tree is where you manage everything that’s happening on your chart. It makes working with various drawing tools more convenient and managing multiple drawings at once less daunting. Here’s what our new update does for the Object Tree:

– Combine all of your drawings and put them into groups. Just select the drawings you want in a group with Ctrl or Shift and then click Create group;

– Name your groups and put them in the order you need;

– Manage the properties for all of your drawings with one click;

– Quickly move one or several drawings along a Z-order;

– Delete drawings in bulk by selecting several drawings using Ctrl or Shift;

– Turn on and off the visibility of different groups making it easy to manage multiple technical analysis studies at once on the same chart;

To see the updated Object Tree in action, watch this:

Our new Object Tree means new possibilities!

Thanks for being a TradingView community member and we look forward to seeing how this update helps you.

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