October 30, 2017
New stable Charting Library and Trading Terminal (V 1.11) released!

We are happy to announce the release of our latest and stable version of Charting Library and Trading Terminal.
We’ve introduced a number of features to make your experience even better! For instance, user settings can now be saved on a server. We added new indicators, more translations and a whole lot of other fixes and improvements.

What’s new in the Charting Library?

  • Save user settings on a server (Github issue #1758).
    It is now easier to work with the charts as user settings are synced across multiple devices.
  • Return more data than requested and display it all on the chart at the same time (Github issue #1814).
    This will be super helpful for those of you who need to load a lot of data at once.
  • Disable the properties dialogs that appears on the chart (Github issue #1660).
    This helps you customize your chart even further and lets you keep only the most relevant tools and features.
  • Add risk and account size in your long/short position drawing tool (Github issue #1721).
    A simple long/short position drawing tool lets you do advanced risk/reward calculations now. Quite useful for those who wish to calculate their position size before executing a trade.
  • We’ve added many popular technical indicators that you requested. Go ahead and check them out.
    • Price Channel indicator (Github issue #1750).
    • Connors RSI indicator (Github issue #1749).
    • Moving Average Channel indicator (Github issue #1125).
    • Accumulative Swing Index indicator (Github issue #1057).
    • EMA Cross indicator (Github issue #612).
    • MA with EMA Cross indicator (Github issue #612).

What else has been improved in the Charting Library?

  • Set the timezone after the constructor is called (Github issue #1791).
  • Disable source selection markers on a chart (Github issue #1121).
  • Disable the screenshot button in the bottom panel (Github issue #1802).
  • Show the toolbar on the left on low resolution displays (Github issue #1773).
  • Notification dialog appears on top of the indicator dialog now (Github issue #1638).
  • Data feed content type can be set to application/json now (Github issue #867).

What’s new in the Trading Terminal?

  • Show or hide columns in the account manager (Github issue #1708).
  • Account manager is opened by default now (Github issue #1770).
  • Floating buy/sell panel state is now saved after a page refresh (Github issue #1757).
  • You can choose the published date and time format in the news widget now (Github issue #1719).
  • Kagi style box size is based on the ATR (Average True Range) by default now (Github issue #1790).

What have we fixed?

  • An issue with disappearing time axis labels when using Opera browser (Github issue #1870).
  • A constructor parameter to set the default timeframe wasn’t working (Github issue #1864).
  • Drawings with points in the future used to disappear when more data was requested (Github issue #1858).
  • Inability to set the exact visible range on intraday timeframes (Github issue #1793).
  • The methods for showing the save/load chart dialogs were added to the API (Github issue #1779).
  • The method for closing pop-ups and dialogs wasn’t working for custom user notification dialogs (Github issue #1729).
  • The method for closing pop-ups and dialogs wasn’t working for the screenshot dialogs (Github issue #935).
  • Browser tab used to freeze when switching the timeframe on a chart that includes points in the distant future (Github issue #1698).
  • The onChartReady call wasn’t working when the chart had no data on it (Github issue #1380).
  • Data didn’t load after loading the saved chart layout (Github issue #1664).
  • Memory leak in the widget/chart event listeners (Github issue #1357).
  • Inability to exit the fullscreen mode on iOS devices (Github issue #1716).
  • Inability to subscribe to the watchlist change event when the widget panel on the right is hidden (Github issue #1774).
  • The library didn’t call bar requesting method after calling the nextTime method (Github issue #1717).
  • The order dialog wasn’t shown in the Trading Terminal when the TradingController.prototype.durations parameter wasn’t set (Github issue #1696).
  • The account currency in the Trading Terminal used to be undefined by default (Github issue #1772).


  • Indonesian language was added (Github issue #1707).
  • The existing translations were improved significantly.

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