May 30, 2016
New Stable Charting Library ver. 1.6 is out!

We are happy to announce that the new stable version of our Charting Library is now available.

Thanks to the efforts of our community we did some optimization, added new features and fixed bugs.

What’s new

  1. Size of the Library was significantly reduced
    Pages with charts now load a lot faster.
  1. Editable text messages (GitHub issue #1124)
    You can now show a dialog window with any text, header and confirmation buttons to users.
  1. Option to hide drawings created with API from Objects Tree (GitHub issue #1117)
    If you draw analysis using API tools on the chart and want to hide your tools in Objects Tree from other users, simply switch this feature on.
  1. Customize default data precision of indicators (GitHub issue  #1068)
    Set the default number of digits beyond a decimal point for specific indicators.
  1. Events for tracking mouse button clicks (GitHub issue  #1061)
    If you want to perform operations on a mouse click, use mouse_down and mouse_up.
  1. Hide header controls and drawing toolbar in portrait mode on mobile phones (GitHub issue #1048)
    Charting library graphs are now more readable on mobile.
  1. Options for showing open orders, positions and executed orders on screenshots (GitHub issue #981)
    Use this feature to show trading in action.
  2. Option to turn off the Properties menu on the chart (GitHub issue #745)
    Use this feature if you don’t want your users to change properties of the chart.

New TimeZones

  • Kathmandu, Nepal  (GitHub issue  #1033)
  • America/Mexico_city (GitHub issue #761)
  • South African (GitHub issue  #656)
  • US Mountain (MST) (GitHub issue #541)

Bugs fixes

  1. Error when changing the timezone when using a UDF feed (GitHub issue #1187)
  2. Values legend for hidden series didn’t have correct colors (GitHub issue  #1186)
  3. Problem with an option for real prices on a Heiken-Ashi chart (GitHub issue #1150)
  4. Incorrect alignment in the Chart Properties after turning off the Timezone menu (GitHub issue #1149)
  5. Some drawings incorrectly aligned on monthly bars (GitHub issue  #1141)
  6. Unable to unmerge data series/indicators when dragging to new panes with a mouse (GitHub issue #1109)
  7. Problem with “header_symbol_search” feature on mobile (GitHub issue  #1097)
  8. Bug with vertical axis in Firefox (GitHub issue #1086)
  9. Missing Weekly Candle Critical Bug (GitHub issue  #1075)
  10. Charting Library sometimes made an unnecessary request for exchange:ticker in /symbols requests (GitHub issue #1065)
  11. Multiple logos in IE9 (GitHub issue #1046)
  12. Saving a chart in on AutoSaveNeeded callback doesn’t reflect latest changes (GitHub issue #1032)
  13. Users need to touch drawing tool menu twice to use the tool in mobile (GitHub issue #1029)
  14. Insert Indicator panel adds indicators when scrolling panel on mobile (GitHub issue #882)
  15. Study search works inconsistently in mini-dialog (GitHub issue #499)


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