December 8, 2015

New Trending Ideas feed logic

We have slightly changed the mechanism for selecting ideas to show on our home page. Previously, all ideas were viewed and suggested manually, but now we believe this approach must be changed because: a) it takes much time to moderate all ideas, b) our users has formed an advanced community that is capable to filter ideas on main page on its own. It means that from now on all ideas will automatically appear in Trending Feed right after they are posted, with no post-moderation. Those ideas will be sorted according their popularity among the community.

If an idea violates our House Rules, it is excluded from the feed, so please keep up following  the rules. Moderators will hide a published idea if it violates any of the following five (5) rules. A note will always be sent to the author in such a case. A publication should:

  • Be in the main language of the site section (for localized versions). English, for English, Japanese for Japanese, etc. The main section will be in English.
  • Be on topic and related to trading / the financial markets.
  • Contain content that is your original work.
  • Not contain excessive advertisement. Some references are allowed in moderation. Links to websites / materials should be at the end of the description and don’t put any logos / websites / company names on the chart itself.
  • Not be used to voice complaints, grievances or disagreements with policies, to insult or ridicule other members, or to create conflict within the community. This includes directly or indirectly mocking, misrepresenting or abusing other published ideas or analysis.

Any content that violates these rule may result in the author getting a warning, published idea being hidden, and/or limiting the author’s ability to post more ideas.

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