December 11, 2014
New version of our Charting Library

We published a new version of our Charting Library — 1.1. This solution is already being used by such сompanies as CME Group, Investopedia and – and it’s high time for you to start using this Library! Please upgrade to the new version and contact Stan Bokov at if you have any questions or suggestions.

Here is the short list of major changes in the new version:

1. New UI for saving and loading charts. We also created and published a small backend with open source code for chart storage, which is compatible with the Library, so you are able to store user charts on your servers. We changed the mechanism for loading charts and they load much faster now (without restarting the entire frame).

2. Significantly expanded customization possibilities. For instance, now you can easily configure accessibility of indicators and drawings. Hide them or make them inaccessible (darkened) – for instance, to implement multiple levels of user privileges when accessing the chart. Also increased the number of adjustable parameters of the Library, so you can configure the appearance and behavior of large number of chart elements the way you need it.

3. Add indicators written in Pine Scripting Language to the Library. You can make your implementation more unique and useful for your customers by adding custom indicators and disabling any unwanted ones.

4. Improves support for different trading sessions. Display data with non-standard sessions: several sessions a day, adjust first trading day of the week, possibility to trade on weekends for symbols with sessions different from 24/7, etc. Expired futures are also supported now.

5. Display lines for positions and orders. Their appearance can be configured programmatically, your code can process user interactions with them. It will be useful for those platforms that use our charts as part of their terminals.

6. How-to and Best Implementation Practices. We analyzed feedback regarding the Library implementation from different users and described the best way to get what you need from our charts and avoid most common mistakes.

7. A ton of small fixes and general improvements and covering the library with even more tests resulted in a better and streamlined user experience.


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