Over ONE MILLION trading ideas shared!

Aug 5 2016

Just a few months ago we celebrated reaching 500,000 published ideas and 400,000 shared chart snapshots (over 900k ideas in total).

We encouraged you all to keep sharing, but looks like no encouragement was needed 🙂 Today the TradingView community hit a major milestone of over one million trading ideas!

Every single day, on average, 750 new public ideas are published, 500 new chart snapshots are shared and 12,000 chat messages are sent – all discussing market conditions in real-time.

On peak days our community hits 1,000 new published ideas, 800 new chart snapshots (that’s 1,800+ new ideas shared in just one day!) and 18,500 chat messages. The public chats also reached 11,000,000 all-time chat messages.

A great community is active and engaged – judging by these numbers you guys are awesome! We are grateful for your commitment to keep sharing your views on the market on this scale. This inspires us to keep improving the site with great features, powerful tools, new exchanges, localized versions and intuitive designs.

Let’s keep sharing and hitting more milestones!

Look first / Then leap.

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