August 13, 2020
Pine Script Is Now Faster Than Ever Before

At TradingView, we’re always working on improving the user experience to make it as swift and convenient as possible.

We’ve worked hard to optimize Pine Script, specifically the time it takes to compile a script. With some of our most recent changes, the compilation speed for Pine indicators and strategies has increased significantly. Today, our test results show that, on average, scripts that were used for testing compiled from 1.5 to 2 times as fast as they did before the optimization.

The changes are applied all across the board, so this optimization affects all scripts regardless of the Pine version they are written on. Of course, this will be most noticeable for those of you who like to make complex and exquisite indicators that usually take quite some time to compile. Say goodbye to those long wait times – we’re building bigger and better.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this update and we’re looking forward to your feedback on how we can improve. Tell us what you’re looking for in the future, and we’ll work on incorporating it into our next updates. For now, enjoy the latest optimization of Pine and let us know what you think.

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