February 6, 2014

Plot Economic Data on TradingView Charts!

TradingView users can now access all kinds of economic data, including more than 100 reports. Public availability of reliable and up-to-date economic data is a big advantage for investors, since allows them to monitor economic developments and manage investment risk. Be a step ahead of the competition the best economic data on TradingView.


Sources of where we gather the reports:

FRED – Federal Reserve Economic Data http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2

ISM – Institute for Supply Management http://www.ism.ws/

ADP – ADP Research Institute http://www.adp.com/tools-and-resources/adp-research-institute.aspx

WORLDBANK – World Bank http://data.worldbank.org/

SANDP – Standard and Poor’s http://www.standardandpoors.com/en_US/web/guest/home

FRBP- Federal Reserve Bank of Philidelphia http://www.philadelphiafed.org/index.cfm

FRBNY – Federal Reserve Bank of New York http://www.newyorkfed.org/

FRKC – Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City http://www.kc.frb.org/