June 24, 2020
Re-Stream to YouTube and Collect Donations

We created Streams to give traders around the world a place to create or watch live shows about financial markets, charts, and trade ideas. Today, over 500 live streamers are on our Beta streaming platform. If you’d like to be part of the action, become a live streamer today.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to bring some improvements to the Streams platform. Most recently, we’ve added two new features that’ll make our service more appealing to streamers everywhere.

Stream your live show to YouTube and Twitch

When you go live on Streams, you can simultaneously broadcast your show to Twitch and YouTube. So instead of reaching just one audience with your broadcast, you can now reach three – giving you a much demanded means of distributing your ideas further. Getting started is simple:

Get donations for your live streams

Streamers can also now receive donations. At the bottom of each live Stream are two buttons: “Follow” and “Donate”. When a viewer presses “Donate”, they can choose to give a certain number of TradingView Coins to the live streamer. TradingView Coins can be redeemed for TradingView Pro, Pro+ and Premium plans. In the future, you’ll be able to use them to claim other exciting benefits. Here’s how it works:

Thanks for being a part of our community and we look forward to watching our streamer membership grow. To read more about Streams and how to get started, visit our help guide here.

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