August 5, 2022

TradingView self-hosted libraries. Welcome version №22!

Hey everyone! Today we’re very happy to announce the release of version №22 of the self-hosted libraries.

In the beginning… TradingView was just a web app providing technical charts and chat, and only later due to popular demand did we start making charts as a service. Today, hundreds of companies power their core web and mobile apps with our technology, and they’re only getting better.

Our first product, the Technical Analysis Charts has some substantial improvements coming out in №22, and our in-depth web trader – the Charting & Trading Platform – continues to provide a comprehensive experience of charts, portfolio tools, watchlists, order tickets, and more. 

Сarefully gathering feedback from customers, we’ve added a ton of new features to bring you a best-in-class product for your business. Let’s dive in and see what’s new in №22. Our process has always been based on customer requests, and some of the following changes we made in cooperation with the folks at Refinitiv and Coinbase as an example:

  • Add an API to set amount of visible bars
  • Ability to customize the axis highlight
  • Add featureset to hide/show last price label in price scale
  • Add support of trillions (woah!)
  • Add 9 and 10 decimals support (also woah!)
  • Add possibility to change symbol of Volume
  • Ability to set country flags in currency dropdown
  • Ichimoku Cloud needs to be projected 26 time periods into the future
  • Ichimoku enhancements

Want to become a part too and cooperate with our developers? We’d love your feedback. You can surface feedback via this FORM, or write to us on Discord. Your needs = our goals. 

Also… announcing some major upgrades:

1) We’ve added the possibility to change the symbol of MA and same for Volume:

2) With the addition of Indicators List, it’s much easier to search for desired one:

Update version HERE

Having problems accessing the library? You can use THIS FORM to apply. 

Next portion of key updates are:

Context Menu API 

The context menu API allows anyone to customize the right click menu globally available on the UI.

Addition of an API to set amount of visible bars

Rather than adjusting the visible range of the chart, there’s now a more direct approach where anyone can specify the number of visible bars from the total available.

Resizing charts inside a layout

Layouts are no longer limited to the standard set of split-mode, and users can change the size of charts within the grid.

Stack time scale label

This feature allows users to specify multiple events happening at the same time.

New drawing tool — Circle! Now available in the libraries:

This feature allows drawing a circle on the chart from on its center to its radius.

New Columns chart type

New chart type available, Columns which acts as a histogram for which customization such as up & down colors are available.

And yes, EVEN MORE features:

  • Expose show & hide API for Objects tree and Data window.
  • Add Directional Movement DX and Directional Movement ADXR plots
  • LIBRARY: Stack time scale labels
  • Add another featureset to distinguish close position/order on the chart
  • Custom Studies missing a default props #6559
  • Update to better reflect ‘default.js’
  • Add a featureset to hide close position button on the chart
  • Add possibility to change symbol of MA
  • Add possibility to change font on the chart #2616
  • Rewrite check session service
  • Add additional smoothing methods for Volume #6039
  • Support changing the font size for Fibonacci levels

Find a full product release update of the version in our Github repo found here –

If you have any questions about this version or other key concerns, please get in touch. As always, we thank you for being a part of our community. 

Let us know what other things you want to see in the libraries and if you want a direct chart, drop us a line

Team TradingView

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