March 16, 2016

Spring cleanup!

TradingView is an open and democratic platform, where the community helps it grow and improve on a daily basis through requests, ideas and suggestions. Any community member could freely create a new public chat room if he / she thinks an interesting topic is missing. This approach has led to the creation of some very popular rooms, where everyday market conditions are discussed and ideas are shared in real-time. The most active rooms attract many daily visitors and get thousands (in some cases tens of thousands) of messages and snapshots per month.

This approach has worked well and got everyone started, and has filled its purpose. It also led to the creation of many rooms that lack an audience, or only get a few messages per month, or have an unclear purpose, or are duplicates of existing rooms, or became inactive over time, or have simply remained unused. With over 200 chat rooms created over the years, it’s getting increasingly difficult to pick the good ones through all the mess. Since public chats must add value and be relevant for the whole community, it’s time to review all of them and make appropriate changes to the creation process. The goal is to rationalise the current landscape of 200 rooms, making it easier to find the viable ones – and keep it that way.

To clean it all up:  

  1. as of today new public chat rooms can’t be created for a while
  2. all rooms will be reviewed by our moderators
  3. rooms with little to no activity, duplicate rooms and ones that add no value to the community will be deleted
  4. in 2 weeks, only members with upgraded plans  can request new rooms
  5. requests will be reviewed by moderators and rooms created when it makes sense. Any new room will have
    1. clarity of purpose
    2. added value
    3. viability, i.e. interesting to the public and aligned with the goals of the site and
    4. its purpose must not be currently met by existing rooms.

Thanks! Hope these changes will make everyone’s lives easier. Happy to answer any questions.