September 27, 2021

Win a Decade of Premium

Our cryptic treasure hunt is back: and it’s longer, tougher, and better than ever. 

That’s right, it’s TradingClue 2.

And this time we’re giving away years of Premium access to the sharpest minds amongst you:

  • One lucky winner gets 10 years’ free Premium access + a TradingView mug
  • 5 winners receive one year’s free Premium access each + a TradingView mug
  • 10 further winners will also get an exclusive TradingView mug

OMG, right? 

Yep — and all you have to do is complete our fiendishly tricky treasure hunt. We’ll announce the first clue here on the TradingView account, and across our social channels, on September 28. Make sure you check our posts! 

Only when you have solved all the clues will you be able to submit your final answer. BUT BEWARE: it’s not as simple as it might seem. You’ll have to use your brain, follow the trail, and think outside the box. A bit like trading. 

Join in the fun and add your comments on our TradingClue 2 post on September 28.

Stay tuned, and good luck.

Full T&Cs can be found here.

UPDATE: the contest is over, and here’s the winner.

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