TradingView collaborates with the Casablanca Stock Exchange to facilitate financial education via trading simulator

Feb 27

Here at TradingView, we stand on the principles of informed decision-making and collaborate with market leaders worldwide to promote this approach. Today, we introduce our newest partnership with the Casablanca Stock Exchange, which lives up to this promise.

Besides already delivering data on the Moroccan stock market to TradingView users, the exchange has launched a brand new portal powered by the TradingView widgets. This initiative highlights the commitment of both platforms to enhancing financial literacy and making the financial markets accessible to all. is a trading simulator designed with a focus on university students and higher education institutions, providing an unparalleled platform for aspiring investors to take their first steps in the stock market. Through simulation, users can experiment with building portfolios and devising effective investment strategies, all within a risk-free environment.

Launched on February 21st, the inauguration of was attended by Nadia Fettah Alaoui, the Moroccan Minister of Economy and Finance, and Rauan Khassan, Vice-President of International Growth at TradingView. This event marks a significant step in promoting financial education both across Africa and the MENA region and globally.

Stay tuned for future updates on collaborations attempted to empower individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate and succeed in the financial markets.

Team TradingView

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