July 18, 2015
TradingView releases a new version of the free Charting Library

The free Charting Library has become a popular B2B solution for more than 500 companies currently using it. The community is growing fast! We put significant effort into making this release the best one yet, so you can enjoy even better and stable charting experience. For those wishing to remove our logo, contact founders@tradingview.com for commercial details.

Stable Version (1.2)

A version for users where stability is the primary concern (not all most recent features are included).

Comparing to the previous Stable version, here’s what we improved:

Significant Stability Testing
Main efforts went into fixing bugs or removing some error-prone mechanics to make the charts more stable. We fixed a few rare cases when wrong bars were building and some issues with time scale. We got rid of extrapolation errors by completely rewriting this mechanic (which also made charts much faster). You can see the full list of fixed issues on our GitHub.

Improved Performance
We optimized code to consume less memory and work faster than ever before.

Even More Customization Abilities
The Charting Library chart became much more customizable. We added new API calls to fit most needs. Now you can make the Charting Library into either an ultra-powerful tool for technical analysis or a simple area chart for beginners, or anything in between.

  • Here is a short list of the most popular improvements:
  • widget.createShape(): define a style of a drawing
  • widget.setChartType() method added
  • widget.createButton() now allows assigning button alignment
  • top toolbar is collapsible now
  • a dozen new timezones added
  • ability to set default favorited chart types/resolutions added
  • … see the full list on our GitHub log

Lean History Requests
The Library now attempts to avoid requesting the same data twice. If user scrolls to the left, only new data is requested (not all data, like in the previous version).

Unstable Version (1.3)

A version for users where most recent and cutting-edge features are a priority. This version has all the features, but could be a bit less stable than the Stable version.

Unstable version includes all functionality from Stable, and has a tasty feature that users were asking for – Study Templates.

Study Templates
A Study Template is a set of studies along with their input values and color settings. This set is saved without being tied to the specific symbol, so you can create and set up you favorite studies once, and then just apply to any symbol with one click. We improved the open-source Charting Library backend to support this feature, now you can use it out-of-the box.


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