TradingView Social: Guilty as Charged! Our Strategy Bias Revealed.

Sep 21, 2016

This post is part of a series on how to make the most of the social piece on TradingView. Make sure you don’t miss any of them! We gave tips on creating awesome custom chats, explained how to gain exposure and build reputation, highlighted common user claims moderators can’t help with and warned about 5 things you should never do on TradingView. Here is the latest topic!

Researching, developing and perfecting the best strategy for you to trade requires a lot of effort on your part. TradingView has the tools to help you do just that, no matter what your strategy is. Whether it’s reviewing ideas, trying out different trading methods, backtesting or forwardtesting them, or creating a trading journal: our platform supports it all and more. This comprehensive approach is not always understood by everyone. Some people claim we are doing a disservice to our community by supporting strategies and allowing ideas to be published that they believe to be useless.

Some people say TradingView features too many harmonic ideas, which are fashionable, but ineffective, and diminish the site. Others say TradingView is partial to the Elliott Wave theory, which is subjective and inept, which reflects badly on the platform. Another group may say that we encourage fundamental analysis, which is misleading and devalues the site. Yet others say we have a bias toward indicators, which pull people into the wrong way of thinking and make us look unprofessional. Then there are those who say we show too many S&R based ideas, which have no edge and make TradingView unreliable.

With a highly engaged community like ours, there is no lack of strong opinions on strategies. Let us answer these claims once and for all: we are guilty as charged! Guilty of supporting every single strategy with 100+ intelligent drawing tools, every bar style you can think of, economic events, fundamental data, built-in indicators and the ability to create your own. All the tools you need are there. Should anything be missing, request it via Get Satisfaction and we will consider it. TradingView is highly customisable, so irrespective of your strategy, we support you every step of the way. To this charge we plead guilty.

TradingView encourages a free exchange of ideas where we don’t pick sides, don’t pick winners and losers and don’t put our thumb on the scale. We trust that the most valuable market views emerge from a fair competition of ideas in free public discourse where our community rates and critiques them. Democracy at its finest! We don’t discourage any discussion of ideas or strategies as long as it stays within the House Rules. So instead of responding to a bad idea by saying TradingView should not have allowed it, share a better idea and explain why. This way everyone can make up their own mind.

We support every analyst, chartist and trader -no matter the strategy- as they share their views on an even playing field. One of the criteria on which we select our moderators is the ability to rise above their own strategy and approach every idea with an open mind. They don’t moderate to separate the “good ideas” from the “bad ideas”. They moderate on compliance to our guidelines. So whether ideas are harmonic, wave-based, fundamental, or indicator-based: TradingView allows them to be shared. That does not make us unprofessional; it makes us an honest platform for trade ideas.

Thank you for understanding and thank you for staying with us!

TradingView Founders and Moderators

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