January 25, 2017

TradingView Social: Limiting Daily Publications

TradingView Social Series

This post is part of a series on how to make the most of the social side on TradingView. Make sure you don’t miss any of them! We gave tips on creating awesome custom chats, explained how to gain exposure and build reputation, highlighted common user claims moderators can’t help with, warned about 5 things you should never do on TradingView, expanded on our strategy bias, showed the badges we use, gave our take on comment moderation, took an in-depth look at reputation and detailed our multi-channel support. Here is the latest topic!

Knowing our strength

One of the biggest strengths of TradingView is and has always been our community of active traders that support each other in a positive manner and help each other succeed. This shows in the way you share, review, critique and build upon trading ideas to learn, make informed decisions and trade with confidence. This is fun to do and supports our mission to make the financial markets more accessible and transparent.

In the world of social trading, you stand out as an engaged community with intelligent and helpful ideas, which sets TradingView apart from other communities. We have experienced continued growth since we started, with record numbers of social activity and an ever expanding user base. While we are happy with this growth, it will not deflect us from what we truly value: well-thought-out and descriptive ideas that generate value for the community. In order to maintain a high level of content quality, we started a number of initiatives, one of which was a blog post on building a reputation.

Quality over quantity

In said post we advised authors to choose quality over quantity. Unfortunately, we have noticed that some users employ a daily tactic of publishing large numbers of ideas, that each generate little response. These can be the same, or very similar setups, updates to prior charts shared as “new” ideas or hastily thrown together publications without analysis. With this tactic they accumulate enough points to reach the leaderboard, even when the community appreciation for each idea is low.

In some cases this led to substantial abuse with > 30 ideas being published within a single day by users trying to get a TOP badge. The mass production of ideas does not benefit the quality of content on TradingView, so to bring this to a halt and to prevent others from copying this tactic, we decided to limit the number of daily publications to 10. This gives more users a chance to make the leaderboard by publishing awesome ideas that each invoke a positive community response, without the need to over-publish.

Multifaceted approach

We will re-evaluate the limit of 10 and adapt it if needed. By limiting the amount of ideas you can share daily, we aim to limit the drive to publish as many ideas as possible just for the sake of it. This gives authors more time for charting and explaining their analysis. Users with good ideas that receive a decent amount of props won’t get surpassed anymore by users that publish countless half-baked ones.

The measure limits the use of that tactic, which we think is conducive to a healthy competitive spirit as well as to the motivation of serious and well-meaning authors. As previously announced, we are planning to update the reputation formula with the same goal in mind of maintaining a high level of content quality. And even more actions may follow in 2017 as part of a multifaceted approach to support this goal. Tradingview has always been the place to go if you want to find the best and most engaging trading ideas. We are committed to making sure it stays that way.

Thank you for staying with us!


TradingView Founders and Moderators