January 21, 2021
TradingView Timelines: Watch the Entire History of Bitcoin in Just One Chart

Oh Bitcoin, what a wild ride you’ve had to date. From early stunts involving pizza, to highs of $40,000 a coin (so far), the cryptocurrency’s journey at times plays out like a Hollywood movie. So we’ve taken its script, and uploaded the movie in 8k resolution for repeat viewing — that’s right, we’ve now launched the Bitcoin Timeline.

If you’ve not seen our Timelines feature yet, here’s a quick recap: a lot of the time, when you look at a symbol’s history, you have no idea why the price moves in the way it does. With TradingView Timelines you get all the contextual information you need on the key market-moving moments, mapped directly onto the symbol’s pricing chart. No more rummaging around in the back catalog of the internet’s news room trying to find out what happened ever again.

From Bitcoin’s birth on the Genesis Block, to forks, busts, court-cases and of course to epic all time highs we’ve tried to cover it all, to give you the absolute best understanding behind the world’s most famous cryptocurrency.

And if you like what you’ve watched with Bitcoin, why not check out our other Timelines:

And stay tuned, much more will be coming soon.

Have we missed something important on these Timelines? Let us know by posting a message to the TradingView account. We build them for you, so all feedback is super helpful. We hope you find this work a useful contribution to your trading and investing knowledge.

Happy history surfing,

Team TradingView

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