May 20, 2015

TradingView Updates


PRO users have new functionality in their watchlists:

  • Create New List… –  creates an empty watchlist where you specify the name

  • Rename List… – renames current watchlist

  • Import Watchlist… – imports a watchlist from *.txt file into your account.

Required file format:

  • Export Watchlist… – exports symbols from the current watchlist to a file.

Load New Bars

Fill color when loading new bars on a published idea now depends on the accuracy of the Short/Long prediction.

Example: you published a chart and marked it as Short (price going down):

  • if you were right and price went down, the fill is green

  • If you were wrong and price went up, the fill is red.

Small chat improvements

It’s now even easier and simpler to use the chat! All message and chat settings are now available by right-clicking the message or the chat.