TradingView welcomes Dorman Trading to the gang

Jul 1, 2022

We’re stoked to announce one more TradingView integrated broker coming straight outta the U.S. of A: Dorman Trading, a registered Futures Commission Merchant, registered CFTC, and NFA Member.

Dorman Trading offers a wide range of services to work with futures markets, including the clearing of transactions and order allocation. The company also offers financial, as well as electronic and commercial services related to commodities, derivative instruments, and stocks. Dorman Trading operates in the United States, and is a clearing member of the CME Group and ICE.

They were founded way back in 1956 — some 13 years before the moon landings — by Bernard Dorman, a local grain trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. The broker is one of the oldest, family-operated FCMs in the world, and so has a bagful of experience building offerings that appeal to those who know their stuff. 

The company provides access to the largest exchanges: CME Group, ICE (US and UK), CBOE Futures Exchange, Eurex, Minneapolis Grain Exchange, and Eris Exchange. Dorman Trading clients have an opportunity to open different types of accounts, including Individual, Corporate, and others.

As usual, the newly added Dorman Trading icon can be found in the TradingView trading panel. If you have an account — just type in your Dorman credentials, click connect, and enjoy.

Stay tuned for more folks, 

Team TradingView

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