June 11, 2013

TradingView working with IDEO!

As part of the TechStars Chicago program TradingView is really excited to work IDEO, one of the top design and innovation consulting firms in the world. IDEO was recently featured in “60 minutes” (IDEO founder was friends with Steve Jobs and they designed the first Mac mouse) and does projects like Windows 8 Packaging Design, Brand Awareness for Samsung and (my personal favorite) a family- and patient-centered experience design for Nemours Children’s Hospital. You can look at their full list of projects here.

IDEO is generously donating time of their experts to help TradingView design a truly world-class user experience throughout the next three months. They believed in TradingView and our vision, and they also believed they can make it even better with their expertise. Looking forward to working alongside the super-experienced IDEO team of process, UX and UI designers and learning from the best!

While a startup could never afford their normal fees, it’s just so great that they reach out to young companies that have world-changing potential and help them spread their wings (and TradingView is one of them!). Well done IDEO! Way to go!