May 24, 2022

Uniswap: new version — new data

For the longest of times, we haven’t had an opportunity to brighten the community’s doorstep with exciting news from the world of decentralized finance. So we thought, let’s fix this. 

As you may know — a year ago — a new version of the Uniswap protocol, Uniswap v3, was released. It delighted users with useful innovations such as concentrated liquidity and flexible commissions, and also showed how innovative and original decentralized exchanges could be. And now you can try all the benefits of the latest version of Uniswap on TradingView, because we’ve added its data on the Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum blockchains. 

As always, to access new data, you just need to enter the appropriate prefix in the search box: UNISWAP3ETH:, UNISWAP3POLYGON: or UNISWAP3ARBITRUM:

Every day we’re working to make our platform better and more data available to you, and your feedback helps us a lot — please keep sharing it.

 Team TradingView

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