June 25, 2013

View, Like and Comment best ideas for your symbol directly from your chart!

Here’s a story: you are looking at Apple chart and you want to know what other people thought. To see best Apple ideas click the Lightbulb Idea icon in the top toolbar. You’ll see Red, Yellow and Green dots appear on your chart – these are ideas published by other users for that day.


Red dot means it was a Short/Bear Idea (person thought it’s going down), Yellow dot means a Neutral Idea and Green dot means it’s a Long/Bull Idea (author thought it was going up). Click any dot and the idea pops up!

On the idea you can do multiple things – click Play to see how it played out, Like the idea, leave a Comment with feedback, and Scroll to nearby ideas left and right. This feature will show only ideas Suggested by TradingView, so you are seeing best of the best.