We’ve Integrated Phemex Data

Sep 21, 2020

You can now chart spot cryptocurrency pairs and perpetual futures contracts from Phemex. Since 2013, we’ve made it our mission to build and support the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Integrating Phemex data feeds and adding them to the TradingView platform was an obvious partnership.

To get started, type Phemex: into the search box. A list will appear showing all the cryptocurrency pairs and contracts that are available to you. Select one that best fits your trading needs:

Phemex is an exchange for cryptocurrencies supporting both spot and contract trading. Phemex launched in 2019 and was founded by a team that left Wall Street to build a user-friendly and secure cryptocurrency platform.

We hope you enjoy this new integration and use Phemex to improve your trading, charting, and understanding of crypto markets. Remember – you can access these feeds by typing PHEMEX: into the search box. Thanks for reading and please send us any feedback or questions you may have.

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