May 13, 2020

WH Selfinvest Now on TradingView

Starting today, we’ve integrated WH Selfinvest as a supported broker. In other words, all WH Selfinvest clients will be able to trade directly from our platform and TV users will be able to access their WH Selfinvest data, unhindered.

Check out the below graphic of WH Selfinvest on our platform.

WH Selfinvest has been active in the market since 1998, making the company one of the oldest brokers in Germany to date. Based in Luxembourg, WH Selfinvest is regulated by authorities based on current EU regulations. Through WH Selfinvest’s clever protection funds, customer deposits are safe for the count. We know this is important to our users, and it’s important to us as well.

We love hearing from you, so please continue sending your comments, recommendations, and feedback. We hope you’ve enjoyed this update and thanks for your continued support.

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