Октябрь 1, 2015
New Charting Library 1.3/Stable Released

We’re glad to present the new stable release of our Charting Library (1.3 stable). We have a dozen new features and also fixed loads of bugs thanks to our amazing community. Thanks!

So, what’s new in this release:

1. Custom CSS injection (Github issue #619)

CSS is an amazing language that powers the UI on the Web. Now you can use CSS to customize your Charting Library look & feel — we’ve got a special API call which injects your CSS right into our chart.

2. Ability to execute more actions via API (#618)

With the new executeActionById() method you are able to execute tons of actions (most of which usually are done by users through UI). I.e,. you can show Insert Indicator dialog, reset the time scale, show or hide toolbars and so on.

3. Assign keyboard shortcuts (#568)

You can add your own handler to any hotkeys and the chart will call it every time the user uses it. The true power of this feature can be seen when you use our API to manipulate the chart in your handler.

4. Create even more drawings via API (#640, #448)

Now you can create any drawing tools available in the UI via the API. That’s a great feature especially for those who run dirrerent kinds of automated analysis.

5. Memory consumption fixes (#120)

No more eating tons of memory when you recurringly recreate the widget!

6. New style of marks on the chart (#286)

Those marks are tied to the time axis. You can use them to show earnings, splits, dividends, news and any other kind of events related to the symbol.

Want to stay tuned with our updates? We’ve got a special Twitter account that posts only relevant updates. Follow it here!

Other New Features

Here is a list of other nice features:

  1. Add Momentum Indicator (#667)
  2. Disable `study_templates` by default #682
  3. Option to disable savings of drawings created with API #643
  4. Option to disable selection of drawings created with API #642
  5. Option to set zOrder for created shapes #413
  6. Create a featureset to save favorite chart styles and study templates (+ watch in terminal) to local storage #626
  7. Option to remove market status indicator #589
  8. Return «Remove All Drawing Tools» #556
  9. Screen shot API function #548
  10. Сlick outside the chart widget does not close popups #465
  11. Resize Chart when its container is resized #372


Here are some bugs we fixed:

  1.  Click «Symbol Info…» causes exception and can not close #680
  2. onTick doesn’t work #670
  3. Bar marks are shifted #654
  4. More data is requested when changing a timezone #652
  5. Bar marks are moved to the last bar when switching time zone #651
  6. Missing data #646
  7. Featureset show_dialog_on_snapshot_ready doesn’t work #625
  8. Two-columned layout is not working #599
  9. Request for study templates persists even of they are switched off #598
  10. Chart doesn’t load on firefox #587
  11. Cannot Retrieve Current Symbol from widget #585
  12. drowing problem with lines end on mousemove, reproduced on official site #577
  13. Empty bar for drawing instruments #551
  14. Crosshair remain white points between sections #533
  15. Tickmarks in future are cleared after scrolling for more data #489
  16. Overnight daily bars are displayed incorrectly on timescale #661
  17. Chart doesn’t unsubscribe from datafeed on destroy #512
  18. Significant memory leak on iframe reload #120

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