Июнь 17, 2013
Spread charts now on TradingView!

We made something that no one has made in online charts to date (as far as we know). Now you can build any spread chart by simply typing your formula in the Symbol Edit field using parentheses or multiple operators (+-*/). In addition to using multiple symbols in a spread, you can also use numerical constants such as MSFT + 50.

Spreads for intraday charts are calculated by taking the Open, High, Low, and Close of each 1-minute bar and then recompiled into the selected interval. This approach is the only one that results in correct spread charts. We handle all necessary calculations on our servers and display the finished spread chart in your browser. Welcome to the new era of online charting!

To enter a spread in TradingView, enter the first symbol and follow it with a space; next enter an operator (-)  for subtraction (+)  for addition (*)  for multiplication and (/) for division; then another space and then the next symbol.

Here are few examples:

1/USDCHF or chart inversions helpful when you want to chart the correlation between the EURUSD and the USDCHF for example. In this case you want to flip the USDCHF chart. Or VIX and S&P500 comparison: if flip one of them, it will be visually.

AAPL/EURUSD or AAPL*USDRUB allows you to the the stock price in other currency

AAPL/XAUUSD — Apple vs Gold

BATS:AAPL-NASDAQ:AAPL arbitrage between BATS and NASDAQ exchanges

BTCUSD-BTCEUR*EURUSD bitcoin arbitrage

FEU/XLBpair trading example


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