AAVE 12h It grows well, but correction is still needed

Our previous idea did not work as we would like.
The correction that was supposed to have failed, and the AAVEUSDT price immediately aggressively move to the level of $194, and only from there was a more or less correction to $150.
However, buyers' aggression did not allow the AAVEUSD price to stay there for a long time and fired a rocket upwards.
Perhaps, we missed some important news regarding the AAVE project, which makes such a desire only to buy? Write about it in the comments.

For 3 months the AAVEUSDT price has been moving upward in the channel. The parabolicity of the movement begins to gain a vertical character.
We assume that in the coming days, AAVEUSDT will rise maximum to $310-312, from where a good correction will be needed.
A fall by -30% to $215 would not be a bad growth correction to start with.

Shorts in a growing market are a very dangerous idea.
When trading on margin, you should always remember:
- longs have lower levels that you can focus and below zero the price cannot fall
- shorts have no upper level, and the combination of pump + margin calls and liquidation can drive the price very high.
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