Pattern: Morning Panic Dip-Buy Pattern

->What is the Morning Panic Dip-Buy Pattern?
This pattern is based on a wall of sellers that drive the market down in a short time.
As you can see in the chart the wall of sellers show how market quickly sold off during the session of March 6th , after an all time high (not supported by demand).
Leaving us with a first day candle of March 7th, with a volume as high as the all time high, opening and closing in the same price; this is a clear sign of strength because demand are now the leaders of the market. This day we had the possibility to entry in this new trend.

->What causes the Morning Panic?
This pattern is caused by a new catalyst as a new, longs taking their profits overnight during the all time high, and sellers betting against the stock as it rose so high that it could not maintain.

->How the Morning Panic Plays Out?
These stocks often close strong during the previous session (as the example did), sometimes this creates a gap up at market open and when gap up occurs, longs sell their shares to take profits.

Be aware as the stock after the morning panic usually takes some time to settle into a cleat trend.

->Dip Buying a Morning Panic is a classic long position.

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