$ALPHA - DeFi correction breakout makes my eyes happy

Here we have APLHA Finance Lab a platform that looks to bring in users from a variety of blockchains
Alpha Finance Lab’s first products each claim to bring an entirely new solution to the market. Alpha Homora is the first platform to introduce the leveraged yield farming concept and with the launch of Alpha Homora V2 in 2021, it will introduce the first smart contract that is capable of borrowing from another smart contract (Cream Finance) in an under-collateralized way. - (coinmarketcap) - clean DeFi opportunities associated with Alpha with innovation via $CREAM
Moreover, once launched, AlphaX will become the first Uniswap/Sushiswap-style perpetual swap decentralized exchange without order books. This will allow more individuals to access the benefits of perpetual swaps (such as trading on leverage), without having to understand how they work in the background. - (coinmarketcap) - so they also have a DEX releasing which is brilliant as all good DEXes only go up, e.g. $SRM

Technically we have had a huge correction phase which breakout of white line should put an end too
Optimum entries would have been in the 12H demand zone highlighted, found from the bottom left on entry to the range
Just need to flip the 200MA here and then we can head for 0.786 and the 1.0 fibs!
Lets go $ALPHA Finance Lab
Comment: confusing me why this didn't pump, it's time will come thats for sure!