AMC (squeeze duration)

NYSE:AMC   AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc
By now you know it will be a bumpy road ahead. The squeeze isn't is a once in a lifetime event; however, it will last longer than one day. The shorts will not be able to cover all their shares in one day. This could translate into AMC exhibiting wild swings. Nobody knows exactly what price AMC could go to, but it would not surprise me if AMC suddenly went to 50$ 100$ 50$ 200$ back to 100$ and then skyrocket to 800$ just to come back down to 500$.

The squeeze won't be linear. Some of you will be tempted to sell. I cannot dictate what you have to do with your money just know one thing we own the float and if the laws of supply and demand still hold despite the blatant manipulation we can decide collectively what the floor can be. Relax don't spend too much time in front of a screen theres no point stressing about this. You have nothing to worry about the worrying is on the hedge funds. It costs us nothing to hold remember that!