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Good morning my fellow Cryptocurrency traders, I have for you another good looking pair.


I went maybe through 50-60 pairs earlier this morning and the market is 100% mixed. Some pairs are really bad, looking bearish, going down or printing signals that are no fun. Many other pairs are neutral, it is very hard to tell if bulls or bears are in control. Another set is looking great, ready to grow the charts say. And then another few have been growing straight up for weeks non-stop.

That's four different groups and we have to choose.

1) Going down.
2) Set to go down.
3) Set to move up.
4) Already up.

The ones I am sharing today, this very early Tuesday morning, are the ones "set to move up", based on the current reading of the charts.

In the last few days I also shared many of the bigger Altcoins which are set to produce a massive correction in the coming days... The market is mixed, each chart needs to be considered individually.

When Bitcoin enters the correction phase, which is not far away, the reaction will be very strong, marketwide, but since we are getting close to the halving event -only once every 4 years, many of the smaller and medium sized Altcoins will recover and resume their rise.

Do not get distracted by the short-term noise, we are bullish long-term.

Back to API3BTC, "consolidation pattern (2)" can lead too a strong bullish wave.

"Consolidation pattern (1)" preceded a 500% jump.
We can expect something similar or even better...

The orange line is for support, this is where we bounce if this one also drops when panic comes.

We have two interesting developments here:

1) +98%, which is really good.

2) The long lower wick yesterday tells us that the bearish wave is now, we can now expect long-term growth.

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